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Affiliated Faculty

This list of affiliated investigators can help you identify potential research mentors at the University of Pittsburgh. PSTP students can, and do, work with mentors not on this list, but the investigators featured below have expressed interest in hosting PSTP students in their laboratories.

William Wagner, PhD
Research Areas: Bioengineering
Research Summary:

Cardiovascular engineering with projects that address medical device biocompatibility and design, tissue engineering, and imaging

William Walker, PhD
Research Summary:

Regulation of mammalian sperm

Kurt Weiss
Kurt Weiss, MD
Research Areas: Orthopedic Surgery
Research Summary:

Basic science laboratory dedicated to the study of sarcomas--cancerous tumors that arise in the musculoskeletal tissues

Ora Weisz
Ora Weisz, PhD
Research Areas: Nephrology
Research Summary:

Regulation of protein traffic in polarized epithelial cells

Alan Wells, MD,DMS
Research Areas: Pathology
Research Summary:

Integrative biology of wound healing and tumor metastasis, from molecules and cells through tissues and animals to humans

Stacy Wendell, PhD
Research Areas: Pharmacology
Research Summary:

Investigates the signaling of electrophilic fatty acids in transformed stable cell lines while collaborating with clinicians to study the formation and signaling of electrophilic fatty acids in healthy controls, mild to moderate, and severe asthmatic subjects

Sally Wenzel, MD
Research Areas: Pulmonary
Research Summary:

Focuses on asthma phenotypes and the molecular mechanisms, particularly in the airway epithelium that control them

John Williams
John Williams, MD
Research Summary:

The cell entry, immunity, and pathogenesis of human metapneumovirus (HMPV)

Peter Wipf
Peter Wipf, PhD
Research Areas: Chemistry, Pharmacology
Research Summary:

Drug discovery and drug development, employing organic synthesis, medicinal chemistry and molecular modeling to develop new therapeutic agents for cancer and neurodegenerative diseases in a highly collaborative environment