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Affiliated Faculty

This list of affiliated investigators can help you identify potential research mentors at the University of Pittsburgh. PSTP students can, and do, work with mentors not on this list, but the investigators featured below have expressed interest in hosting PSTP students in their laboratories.

Changfeng Tai, PhD
Research Areas: Pharmacology
Research Summary:

Neural control of low urinary tract and neuromodulation of bladder dysfunction

Angus Thomson, PhD, CS.c.
Research Summary:

Regulation of the immune response; role of dendritic cells and T cells in tolerance induction; mechanism of action of novel immune suppressants

Edith Tzeng, MD
Research Areas: Surgery, Vascular Surgery
Research Summary:

Clinical applications of nitric oxide and carbon monoxide in the setting of vascular therapies

Thanos Tzounopoulos, PhD
Research Areas: Neuroscience
Research Summary:

We study synaptic mechanisms and their role during normal and pathological sensory processing (tinnitus).