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Career Mentoring

Each matriculating student is matched with a career advisor who is an expert in the student's chosen field of interest. This initial pairing can change over the course of the training in order to accommodate the student's changing research interests or to balance clinical and basic science input.

The career advisor meets with each advisee at least biannually to discuss the student's academic performance, level of laboratory productivity, and plans for residency and beyond. 

The PSTP director is also available to provide research and clinical guidance.

Peer Mentoring

Student-to-student mentoring is an integral element of the cohesive PSTP community. Our students take pride in mentoring each other throughout their time in the program and diligently work to share the knowledge that they have obtained with their peers.

To this end, PSTP students host mentoring workshops on topics that include

  • Transitioning to medical school
  • Finding the right mentor
  • Managing stress and promoting wellness
  • Passing Step 1 while preparing for a PSTP research year
  • Reentering medical school after the research year
  • Developing deliverables
  • Navigating the residency match process

In addition, all incoming first-year PSTP students are assigned a student mentor to answer questions and help them assimilate to the PSTP.  These mentors are also great resources for questions regarding life in Pittsburgh: helping their first-year colleagues identify the aspects of the city that make Pittsburgh such a special place to study.

"peer Mentoring"