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The PSTP Application

What constitutes a completed PSTP application?

A complete PSTP application packet consists of a submitted PSTP supplemental application and two letters of recommendation. 

What is the goal of the PSTP supplemental application?

The PSTP supplemental application asks applicants to describe their research experiences, discuss career goals, and highlight any unique achievements. It is also an opportunity for applicants to identify potential research interests and mentors at the University of Pittsburgh.

Submitting the PSTP Application

If I apply to the PSTP, will I still be considered as a regular applicant to the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine (UPSOM)?

Yes. The PSTP and MD applications are separate. You may be accepted to the UPSOM and not the PSTP. 

When is the ideal time for me to submit my PSTP supplemental application?

Shortly after your regular UPSOM interview day. 

Are early applications encouraged?

Yes! The PSTP selection committee begins screening applications approximately two months before the application deadline, so it benefits applicants to submit their applications early in the process.

Letters of Recommendation

I submitted research-focused recommendation letters as part of my regular UPSOM application. Do I need to obtain new letters for the PSTP application?

No. We require two letters of recommendation from scientists or researchers who are familiar with applicants’ abilities, character traits, and research training. These letters must be submitted separately to the PSTP application system but can be the same letters that were submitted to UPSOM with the regular MD application

Selecting a Mentor

How will I select a PSTP lab for my first summer rotation?

During your PSTP interview, you will meet with investigators of interest. Many accepted applicants also return to Pittsburgh for UPSOM’s second look and conduct more meetings at this time. The PSTP staff is happy to facilitate as many discussions as necessary until the right mentor match is found.

Does my mentor have to be on the PSTP’s preapproved faculty list?

No. The pre-approved list is just a guide. Our students frequently work with investigators who are not on the list.

PSTP Tuition Coverage

How much tuition is currently covered by the PSTP scholarship?

$10,000 for each year of medical school (total of $40,000)

Do I have to pay tuition during my research year?

No. You receive a research stipend (currently $30,250).