Every year, the Physician Scientist Training Program (PSTP) expects to receive approximately 80 applications for a limited number of available positions (usually between 8 and 10). The PSTP selection committee screens each completed application and invites well-qualified applicants to interview in Pittsburgh at the program's expense. The PSTP office communicates acceptance decisions shortly after candidates interviews with the program.

All successful PSTP applicants demonstrate:

  • An outstanding record of academic and scholarly accomplishment*
  • A durable interest in basic and translational research
  • Evidence of commitment to a career as a physician-scientist
  • The interpersonal capabilities to become a valuable member of the PSTP’s collaborative and collegial culture

Application Process, Requirements, and Timeline

Review application and interview requirements, and find out what supplemental materials you'll need when you apply to the PSTP.

PSTP Interview

Learn what you should expect during PSTP interview day, as well as when you'll receive your decision notification.

Application Statistics

Here you'll find application statistics from the past 10 years.

Internal Applicants

Already enrolled in the School of Medicine? You might be eligible to apply to the PSTP.

International Applicants

International students who meet the School of Medicine's terms and conditions for international student admission are encouraged to apply to the PSTP.

Disabled Applicants

Students with disabilities are encouraged to apply.


Find answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding admission to the PSTP.