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PSTP Commitment to Promoting Diversity and Inclusion

The Physician Scientist Training Program (PSTP) is strongly committed to the foundational values of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our mission is to foster a well-supported community welcoming all genders, ethnicities, races, ability statuses, and socioeconomic classes. We strongly encourage applications from underrepresented and socioeconomically disadvantaged candidates. Students with disabilities will be fully accommodated and welcomed into the program. We provide each of our students with the tools they need to succeed as culturally competent physician-scientists by fostering a respectful environment. We emphasize the importance of creating a bias-free curriculum as well as providing diverse research opportunities to further advance the notion of equity in the field of biomedical research.

Our program embraces students with varying cultural and financial backgrounds by providing each student with equal opportunities to experience all the program benefits during the admissions process and as matriculated students. The unique perspectives and skills that each program student, faculty, and staff offers are what motivate the community to excel in cutting-edge research and high-quality clinical care. Need-Based and Diversity Scholarships at the Pitt School of Medicine In addition to the $10,000 of tuition assistance each PSTP student receives, PSTP students are eligible for Pitt School of Medicine need-based aid. UPSOM makes the need-based aid available to all applicants, but also has several cost-of-attendance scholarships for individuals underrepresented in medicine.

Because the PSTP award is Merrett-based, it does not impact a financial aid award until the cost of attendance is reached. PSTP decisions are generally released in March and UPSOM financial awards are sent in early April. All applicants will understand the financial cost of a PSTP education by April 15. The University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine has more information on UPSOM financial aid opportunities.