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Affiliated Faculty

This list of affiliated investigators can help you identify potential research mentors at the University of Pittsburgh. PSTP students can, and do, work with mentors not on this list, but the investigators featured below have expressed interest in hosting PSTP students in their laboratories.

Jishnu Das Photo
Jishnu Das, PhD
Research Summary:

Our research focuses on the development and use of novel systems approaches to analyze high-dimensional immunological datasets, and elucidate mechanisms of immune regulation and dysregulation. Our previous work has utilized systems approaches to analyze Mendelian mutations in the context of three-dimensional protein-protein interaction networks, to understand molecular mechanisms of corresponding disorders. We have also developed network analyses frameworks to characterize the evolutionary dynamics of these protein networks. Another dimension of our past work has been the use of statistical methods for the analyses of high-dimensional data and machine-learning approaches to elucidate correlates of natural and vaccine-mediated immunity in HIV, tuberculosis and malaria.

Lance Davidson, PhD
Research Areas: Bioengineering
Research Summary:

Our group combines experimental and theoretical approaches to reverse-engineer the inherently mechanical processes of cell and tissue development.

Brian Davis, PhD
Research Areas: Neuroscience
Research Summary:

Cellular and molecular mechanisms of central and peripheral nervous system development and plasticity

Marie DeFrances, MD, PhD
Research Areas: Pathology
Research Summary:

HGF-MET-PI3K signaling in liver development, growth, regeneration and cancer. She has identified a novel regulator of the catalytic subunit of PI3K (p110) called PI3K interacting protein 1 (PIK3IP1)

Donald DeFranco, PhD
Research Areas: Neuroscience, Pharmacology
Research Summary:

Steroid hormone action in neural stem cells and cancer

Greg Delgoffe, PhD
Research Areas: Cancer
Research Summary:

The metabolic regulation of T cell function, with a specific focus of those T cells that infiltrate the nutrient-poor tumor microenvironment

Neal DeLuca, PhD
Research Areas: Infectious Diseases
Research Summary:

HSV gene expression in productive and persistent infections

Terence Dermody, MD
Research Areas: Pediatrics
Research Summary:

Research in the Dermody laboratory focuses on the molecular mechanisms of Mammalian Orthoreovirus (reovirus) and Chikungunya virus infections

Alexandre Dombrovski, MD
Research Areas: Psychiatry
Research Summary:

Decision processes in late-life suicidal behavior and in borderline personality

Chris Donnelly, PhD
Research Areas: Neuroscience
Research Summary:

The molecular pathogenesis of neurodegeneration and aging