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Affiliated Faculty

This list of affiliated investigators can help you identify potential research mentors at the University of Pittsburgh. PSTP students can, and do, work with mentors not on this list, but the investigators featured below have expressed interest in hosting PSTP students in their laboratories.

Timothy Hand, PhD
Research Areas: Pediatrics
Research Summary:

Understand the causes of diseases with disruptions between immune system and the microbiota, such as Crohn’s Disease and Environmental Enteropathy

Teresa Hastings, PhD
Research Areas: Neuroscience
Research Summary:

Oxidative mechanisms associated with neurodegeneration

Nadine Hempel, PhD
Research Areas: Cancer
Research Summary:

Dr. Nadine Hempel's research interests center on understanding molecular mechanisms that regulate metastasis and tumor recurrence of ovarian cancer, with the ultimate goal of identifying novel targets for therapy of advanced-stage disease.

Jackie Ho, MD
Research Areas: Pediatrics
Research Summary:

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a growing public health burden that results in significant morbidity and increased risk of mortality for individual patients