Affiliated Faculty

This list of affiliated investigators can help you identify potential research mentors at the University of Pittsburgh. PSTP students can, and do, work with mentors not on this list, but the investigators featured below have expressed interest in hosting PSTP students in their laboratories.

Yuanyuan Chen, PhD
Research Areas Research Summary

The Chen lab is interested in the pharmacological studies of visual disorders caused by protein misfolding. The lab's current three projects include pharmacological studies of rhodopsin metabolism, roles of purine metabolites in photoreceptor degeneration, and drug discovery of myocilin-associated glaucoma.

Yiqin Du, MD, PhD
Research Areas Research Summary

Our lab is focusing on discovering stem cell-based and stem cell-free therapies for glaucoma as well as exploring the regeneration mechanisms.

Jeff Gross, PhD
Research Areas Research Summary

Our research is focused on eye development, disease and developing neuroprotective and regenerative strategies to combat retinal diseases.

Ethan Rossi, PhD
Research Areas Research Summary

The living human retina and visual system in health and disease through the development and application of advanced ophthalmic imaging technologies