Welcoming the PSTP Incoming Class of 2019!

The PSTP is very excited to add six wonderful new students to the program. These students exemplify the program’s commitment to character, research excellence, and civic dedication! Learn more about them below!



Ayesha Firdous

Hometown: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Undergraduate Institution: Barnard College

Hobbies: Travel, hiking, and scuba diving

Reason for Choosing PSTP: “I wanted a community of peers and mentors who would support me in pursuing a career as an academic physician, especially as an international student.“

Kanupriya Gupta

Hometown: Jacksonville, Florida

Undergraduate Institution: Wellesley College

Hobbies: Cooking, reading novels, and exploring Pittsburgh with new PSTP friends!

Reason for Choosing PSTP: “I wanted to attend a program that would 1) teach me how to build a career that synergistically incorporates translational research and medicine, and 2) provide me with a supportive community of future physician-scientists to learn from.”

Joey Hsu

Hometown: Charlottesville, Virginia

Undergraduate Institution: University of Virginia

Hobbies: Cooking, hiking, and learning to play the fiddle

Reason for Choosing PSTP: “I believe that the PSTP’s curricular training, along with the program’s career resources and supportive community, will give me a strong foundation to pursue a career as a physician-scientist.“

Julia Knight

Hometown: McHenry, Illinois

Undergraduate Institution: Case Western Reserve University

Hobbies: Creative writing, singing, and kickboxing

Reason for Choosing PSTP: “The PSTP has a wealth of opportunities to be mentored by phenomenal physician-scientists at the University of Pittsburgh, I can continue to pursue my passion for biomedical discovery, and I will gain invaluable experience and training for my future in academic medicine.“


Internal-Research Year

Chris Hensler

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Undergraduate Institution: University of Notre Dame

Hobbies: Reading, movies, and weightlifting

Reason for Choosing PSTP: “The PSTP offers a supportive community of students and mentors aimed at understanding the fundamentals of human diseases and, by extension, how to treat them through blending clinical practice and innovative research.“

William Plautz

Hometown: Ocean View, Delaware

Undergraduate Institution: Duke University

Hobbies: Cycling, running, and Frisbee

Reason for Choosing PSTP: “I wanted to further develop as a medical student researcher and build a foundation of professional skills for my future in academic medicine.“