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PSTP Students design molds to Promote the efficient production of ocular prosthetics

Nikita Kedia (MS3) and Max Lohss (MS3)

Nikita Kedia (MS3) and Max Lohss (MS3) have been working with a non-profit global health organization, Project Theia, to improve ocular healthcare for underserved communities in developing countries. Leveraging their backgrounds in engineering and research, they designed 3D-printed molds for the efficient production of ocular prosthetics for low-resource settings. Their work will be presented at the 2024 Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology Annual Meeting. 

With support from the PSTP, Nikita also attended a mission trip with Project Theia in Honduras where the group provided ophthalmologic and oculoplastic care to more than 250 patients. While there, Nikita and Max conducted a pilot study to assess patient perceptions and social determinants of health. Their work highlights how a multidisciplinary research approach allows physician-scientists to create and identify sustainable global health solutions. These experiences showcase how PSTP exposes students to the ways physician-scientists can make a difference on the global level.