Meet the PSTP Entering Class of 2020!!


The PSTP is extremely excited to introduce the entering class of 2020.  This wonderful, ten-person class, is defined by their passion for research, initiative, and desire to become leaders in academic medicine.  We look forward to their many contributions over the next 5 years!  Read on to learn more about these exemplary student-researchers!


Eric Adams, Villanova University

Before matriculating at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine in 2017, the 2011 Villanova University graduate founded/led a start-up company in Boston for four years and then turned his attention to medicine when he matriculated at the University of Virginia post-baccalaureate premedical program.  Eric will be pursuing his PSTP research under the mentorship of Jason Lohmueller, PHD at the Hillman Cancer Center.  Eric enjoys scuba diving, traveling the world, and spending time with his wife Michelle, who is also a current Pitt medical student.

Akanksha Chilukuri, University of Iowa

Akanksha is a 2020 University of Iowa graduate who majored in neuroscience while simultaneously conducting 4 years of psychiatric research.  She also spent a summer in Pittsburgh working on ophthalmology research to broaden her skillset.  In her free time, Akanksha loves to dance, read, and volunteer!

Nandini Doshi, Emory University

Nandini joins the PSTP with research experience in both academia (3 years of research at Emory University) and industry (2 years of work at a Boston-based biotech company).  She is passionate about neuroscience research. She looks forward to moving to Pittsburgh from her home in California to begin her PSTP experience.  Nandini’s hobbies include watching documentaries, spending time with friends, and cooking!

Nikita Kedia, University of Maryland

Nikita is passionate about using engineering to better the lives of her future patients and looks forward to conducting ophthalmology research in Pittsburgh with this goal in mind.  Haling from New Jersey, Nikita has conducted research at the University of Maryland, the FDA, and NYU.  When she’s not in the lab, she enjoys rock climbing, dancing, and photography!

Shweta Kitchloo, Boston University

A committed violinist who also loves to read and cook, Shweta is originally from Boston, MA.  Her research resume includes time at Harvard studying breast cancer and, more recently,  Boston University where she worked on an ophthalmology project.  Shweta is thrilled to continue her efforts to help cure blindness as a part of the PSTP entering class of 2020!

Rashmi Rao, Cornell University

As a member of the Big Red community, Rashmi developed a passion for cardiology research and plans to explore this interest as part of the PSTP.  In 2019, Rashmi also spent a summer conducting research at Harvard Medical School.  The New Jersey native enjoys running, mentoring developing scientists, and working to make her community a better place.

Madeline Ross, Boston University

Maddie is from Shelton Connecticut and went to Boston University for undergrad where she began working on neuroscience research in the Harvard hospital system.  Maddie plans to conduct her first rotation with Dr. Elias Aizenman in Pitt’s Department of Neurobiology.  For fun, she enjoys dancing, knitting scarves and hats, and painting watercolors.

Meena Sethuraman, University of Washington

Meena is from Seattle and has spent a significant amount of time working on impactful gene therapy research at the University of Washington.  During her time in the PSTP, she looks forward to integrating clinical medicine with her biomedical research.  She loves research and science, but also enjoys playing and teaching the violin.  Her other hobbies include watching her beloved Seahawks and baking tasty apple pies!

Ashti Shah, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

When the 2020 MIT grad envisions her future medical practice, she sees herself combining her duel goals of taking care of patients and conducting research.  As an undergraduate student, Ashti worked in several neuroscience labs and looks forward to her first PSTP rotation which will allow her to continue to develop her neuroscience research portfolio.  Ashti’s family lives in Boston and her downtime activities include reading, baking desserts, and exercising!

Anya Singh-Varma, Rutgers University

In her career, Anya wishes to use her considerable experience with regenerative medicine research to make an impact on women’s health.  Her other passions include dance, intramural sports, and travel.  The Princeton native and current Princeton University researcher is extremely excited to join the PSTP so that she can make her goal of becoming a physician-scientist a reality!