Introducing the PSTP Class of 2022!

PSTP Class of 2022!

Welcome to the PSTP family, everyone!!

Rebecca Brown

Undergraduate Institution:  University of Pittsburgh
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Why PSTP: “I knew I loved research and wanted it to be a part of my career.  The PSTP offered not only time to conduct a more in depth research project, but the resources and mentoring for me to become an independent researcher.“

Aidan Dmitriev

Undergraduate Institution: University of Kansas
Hometown: Lakewood, NY
Why PSTP: “It provides a unique and effective combination of a specialized curriculum, fantastic advising, financial support, networking opportunities, and robust research experience.  It is an ideal program for someone like me who is interested in becoming a physician-scientist without going through the MD/PhD pathway.”

Alicia Mizes

Undergraduate Institution: Pomona College
Hometown: Rochester, NY
Why PSTP: “I actually had my first translational oncology research experience at the University of Pittsburgh when I participated in a summer undergraduate research program, and since then I’ve conducted research on glioblastoma at City of Hope, squamous cell carcinoma at the National Cancer Institute, and now I’m back again where it all started! The PSTP will give me a year to conduct research relevant to my clinical interests in order to prepare myself for a future career as a physician scientist and will help me integrate a research-oriented mindset into my medical school education.”

James OBrien

Undergraduate Institution: Providence College
Hometown: Fairfield, CT
Why PSTP: " I knew that the curriculum and program support would help me build the skills required of a successful physician-scientist. More importantly, I wanted to be a part of a community that was passionate about advancing basic science research to improve clinical practice."

Noah Pyles

Undergraduate Institution: Bowdoin College
Hometown: Galesville, MD
Why PSTP: "I want my role in the medical profession to extend beyond the clinic and into advancing the scientific understanding of neurodegenerative disease."

Rachel Wolfe

Undergraduate Institution: Penn State University
Hometown: Hershey, PA
Why PSTP: "It gave me the best opportunities to be mentored and guided in preparing for a research career in medicine. I will be able to work alongside top-notch research faculty and network with other physician-scientists, which will be a critical addition to my medical school experience."