2019 PSTP Match Results!!

The PSTP is excited to announce the residency match results for its graduating class of 2019.  We are thrilled that our students will be able to pursue their training in research-oriented residency programs at top academic institutions throughout the country. See below for the match list as well as our students’ thoughts on how the PSTP impacted their residency selection!


2019 PSTP Match Results


Ross Carson, Child Neurology, Boston Children’s Hospital (Harvard), Boston, MA

“PSTP connected me with amazing mentors in the lab and clinic who helped shape my decision to go into child neurology and supported me through the application process.”


Andrew Hughes, Pediatrics, Children’s Hospital of Philidelphia (Penn), Philidelphia, PA

“The PSTP afforded me the time to not only identify my research area of interest, specialty of interest, and, therefore, schools of interest for residency, but it also was instrumental in allowing me to prove my capabilities to residencies based on my research experiences and accomplishments."


Pooja Karukonda, Radiation-Oncology, Duke University, Durham, NC

“The PSTP’s structured education provided the training and credentials that made me competitive for residency programs with strong basic and translational science departments in my field of interest.”


Josh Krivinko, Psychiatry, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA

“The research experience that I gained during the PSTP was a critical ingredient for my decision to focus on applying to residency programs which offer research tracks that would allow me to further develop my career as a physician-scientist!"


Thiagu Meyyappan, General Surgery, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA

“The PSTP was instrumental in providing me with both the tools and inspiration for becoming an academic surgeon. As a result, I have a chosen to complete my surgery residency at an academic program that has 2 protected years of research.”


Mondira Ray, Pediatrics, University of Washington, Seattle, WA

“The PSTP encouraged me to prioritize a residency program that values fostering a community of physician-scientist trainees and mentors, and provides both dedicated time and support to conduct meaningful research during residency."