Filip Istvanic

Undergraduate Degree: BS
Undergraduate Degree Year: 2015
Undergraduate Institution: Carnegie Mellon University
Undergraduate Major: Biological Sciences

Academic Status
Year in Program: RY-LOA
Graduate Program:
Research Advisor First Name: Flordeliza
Research Advisor Last Name: Villanueva
Research Title/Research Topic: Sonoreperfusion for microvascular obstruction: a clinically applicable approach
Current Research Description: We have shown that sonoreperfusion therapy using ultrasound (US) and microbubbles relieves microvascular obstruction and restores microvascular perfusion in vitro and in vivo using an experimental single element transducer. To move toward clinical translation, we tested the effectiveness of a Philips clinical US scanner to deliver the therapeutic US in an in vivo model of microvascular obstruction.

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