Xiao Zhu

Undergraduate Degree: BA
Undergraduate Degree Year: 2012
Undergraduate Institution: Duke University
Undergraduate Major: Chemistry

Academic Status
Year in Program: MS4
Graduate Program: Medicine-Renal-Electrolyte
Research Advisor First Name: Edwin K.
Research Advisor Last Name: Jackson
Research Title/Research Topic: Identifying Molecular Mechanisms within Preglomerular Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells that Contribute to Enhanced Renal Vascular Resistance in Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats
Current Research Description: Development of essential hypertension is intimately related to impaired renal hemodynamics, yet molecular mechanisms governing this phenomenon are poorly understood. We hypothesize that enhanced contraction by preglomerular vascular smooth muscle cells may be responsible for elevating renal vascular resistance in spontaneously hypertensive rats, due to greater membrane localization of contractile signal transducers.

Undergraduate Honors:

Student Committee Participation
Student Committee Involvement:

Grant Support
Grant Support Information: HHMI 2015-2016


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