Additional Courses

Professional Development 1 (formerly Molecular Medicine)
This course is required for entering PSTP students and is taken the summer before medical school starts. The purpose of this course is to highlight contemporary questions in biomedicine and how different scientific fields approach these questions. After surveying appropriate background material, the students analyze scientific papers from the primary literature under the mentorship of different department faculty. Presentation of these papers provides a forum for discussion of experimental design, technique, and laboratory and clinical observations. Exposure to the primary scientific literature will prepare the students for entry into research training. Exposure to different departments and faculty will help the students select laboratories for their research work.

Research Basis of Medical Knowledge
This small group session is restricted to PSTP and MSTP students during their first year-and-a-half of medical school. The class meets to review primary literature linked to current first- and second-year curricula. Before each session, a faculty member and two students meet and review the paper assigned for that week. Students learn about the research basis of medical knowledge and how to present and critically review primary literature.

Professional Development 2 for PSTP Students
This elective course is required of PSTP students at the end of their first year of medical school (or their second year for incoming MS-2 students). Career expectations are discussed and framed in the perspective of grant writing and the review process. A small amount of lecture material is linked to a series of workshops, in which each student composes a biosketch, specific aims, experimental plan, and training plan related to their laboratory year. Constructive peer critiquing of grant material provides a perspective on which to build grant writing skills.

Work in Progress Seminar Course
This course meets monthly throughout the year and is designed for all Physician Scientist Training Program students. The purpose of this course is to provide each PSTP student a forum to present his or her research and to discuss their research ideas, designs and results, and to give and to obtain peer feedback. Each student has the opportunity to present at all stages of a project, whether it is starting a project, planning the design, analyzing the data, or getting ready to present the results at conferences or in manuscripts. This course encourages all students to engage in scientific discussion and feedback on each project.